HIV Truth or Consequences?

Human Injustice-2928151

Human Injustice of a different kind. We had apartheid in South Africa until people like Nelson Mandela rose up against it. Human injustice of wrong procedure for HIV Testing. 39% of all new cases of HIV is below 30 yrs. of age. Globally 40% of all new HIV cases is a youth and no one is talking. HIV is a Silent Epidemic globally.

Center of Disease Control (CDC) suggest in 2007 that both the Standard HIV Test and the RNA Test should be done at the same time. Red Cross is the only organization world wide that do both test. Would you like to know why? If they didn’t the entire blood bank would be contaminated.

Two steps to guarantee results of HIV Testing: Take the Standard HIV Test (test for antibodies to HIV virus not the actual virus). Next take the RNA Test (Confirmation test that test for the genetic material of the HIV virus). With the RNA Test you will know within 9-11 days if you are HIV positive. The Standard HIV Test requires your body to build up enough antibodies in order for test to show if you are HIV positive. Standard HIV Test requires for you to be retested within 2 months, 3 months, up to 1 year in order to know if you are HIV positive.

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