50 and Above Stunning On The Outside Tore Up On The Inside


Center of Disease Control (CDC) reported that of the people between 50-55 that are HIV positive, 43% develop AIDS within one year. For seniors 65+ that are HIV positive, 51% develop AIDS within one year after being diagnosed. Among AIDS related deaths, 35% are seniors.

When one is diagnosed late for carrying the HIV virus, this puts one at greater risk for developing full blown AIDS.

One solution to this problem would be to test early taking  both HIV Test: Standard HIV Test (antibody test) and RNA Test (Test for actual HIV virus). It’s necessary to take both tests in order to slow the rate of new HIV cases. By not taking both tests, results can  be fatal  to both the carrier and their future partner(s) and cause an increase in new HIV cases.

Why look good on the outside and not know about whats inside your body. Take time to care about you. Save a life it might be your own.


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